Medical Society To Discuss New Brain Science Technology

Medical Society To Discuss New Brain Science Technology

MISWEEK ’17 Tech Breakfast to Include Stanford’s Dr. David Eagleman and UC San Diego Supercomputer Center’s Dr. Lary Smarr


Please R.S.V.P. to: Sarah Sherwood, (650) 380-9102 or

SLS’ Future Technology Event:  The Brain and Beyond

This annual event will introduce new revolutionary science to the medical community, and reveal what is currently in the research labs—those things you don’t know about yet.  UC San Diego Supercomputer Center will reveal the next generation’s surgery, “Personalized Surgery,” and Stanford’s Dr. David Eagleman, from the PBS Series “The Brain: The Story of You,” will talk about how the brain works and what that will mean for patients and the industry five to twenty-five years from now. These future technologies will be presented in an entertaining setting.

Dr. David Eagleman, the Center for Science and Law, adjunct professor, Stanford University Medical Center
Dr. Larry Smarr, professor, director UC San Diego Supercomputer
Dr. Richard Satava, professor emeritus of surgery, University of Washington
Dr. Ray Lanzafame, professor of surgery, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

MIS Week attendees
Entertainment provided by Medical Society SLS

MISWEEK 2017 Annual Future Technology Event and Breakfast
The Brain and Beyond
Stanford’s David Eagleman will follow lecture with book signing
Former speakers have included well known astronauts, the Mars Rover team, and the Mt. Everest Expedition, etc.                                  

During SLS’ 27th MISWEEK:
Saturday, September 9th
7:30-8AM Breakfast served
8-9 Celebration of Leaders in Surgery
9-10:30 Lecture Session on the Brain and Beyond

The Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel
333 O’Farrell St, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 771-1400

INTERVIEWS AVAILABLE: pre-MIS Week, on site or post-event


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